Ingredients: Melaka Brown Sugar, Coconut Shreds, Pandan, Almond Slice
Ingredients: SNB Kaya Filling
Ingredients: SNB Coconut Filling, Hawaii Coconut
Ingredients: SNB Salted Egg Filling, Homeade Mayonaise, Chicken Floss
Soft bun filled with savory salted egg yolk custard and sweet mashed taro
Buttery, flaky and delicately sweet, its exquisite taste is often to die for. Handmade from scratch, this classic French pastry deserves a huge munch as breakfast -- introducing you the irresistible Classic Croissant!
Here is sugar and oil free and 100% healthy and nicely scented fermented sourdough! Fermented with natural enzymes, you are much easier to digest and absorb all its nutrients in the bread. Sourdough isn't just famous for its low-sugar perk, but they also come in handy in balancing your blood sugar! 
Cranberry and walnut in a white bread loaf!
This all-time favourite are lavished with crunchy walnuts and refreshing cranberries, which is a flawless spring staple on your dining table!
[Whole Loaf]
Original white toast sticks out among the rest with its malty sweetness and fluffy softness, best for vegetarians.
Thumb sucking is definitely normal here at Shake & Bake when you are enjoying our Tomato Cheese Sausage Bread. Smoky sausage dashed with tomato sauce and mayonnaise, the savoury flavours shine multifold when it is topped with pizza cheese.
Textures of the bread can be livelier than you have ever thought of at Taro Mochi Bun. Uniquely cooked taro filling blended well with springy mochi to render layers of springiness and softness.
Baked with French’s Fléchard butter, the Taiwan Polo Bread is meticulously made to achieve a crisp and delicious taste which is often polished off instantly by the gourmets.
Raising the bar of chicken floss bread by adding a tad spiciness, as though you are hit with the summer breeze.
Elevate the game of chicken floss bread by serving with our homemade mayonnaise sauce that is about to astound your expectation.
Cutesy mini sausages dressed with garlic sauce, an Instagrammable sensation is sweeping off the followers’ feet.
Once upon a time, there was a mak cik stealing her husband’s heart with her very own curry chicken recipe. Rich, savoury curry chicken filling mingled flawlessly with outer layer of coconut shreds, just like how they hit it off with each other.
The enveloping embrace of fresh tuna fillings laden with homemade mayonnaise is in a class of its own with the extra kick of cayenne pepper.
Melt right in your mouth the moment you munch on this crown jewel, thick toast coupled with juicy ham slices and dashed with signature New Zealand Orange Cheese Sauce.
Lighting up your core with double prosperity as the bun is topped with double golden chicken ham and cheese slices. On the outer toast lies a layer of mild eggy aroma and malty sweetness.
Generously covered with ham slices and garlic sauce, the drooling masterpiece has layers of distinguished textures.
For gourmets that always seek to gratify their egg temptation, here’s good news. A combination of tender egg toast, homemade mayonnaise sauce, juicy ham and melting cheese, the Egg Roll is your life saviour.
Wholesomeness is the word to describe this bread. Loaded with juicy ham, dashed with special cheese sauce and topped with buttery cheese slices, this bread has just got all your cravings fixed.