Highly recommended for our patrons! Bittersweet grapefruit pulps lie within the sweet mango smoothie, occasionally bursting sophisticated flavours when you chew on it. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream, now that is a perfect drink to quench our summer thirst! 
RM15.80 - RM20.05
Must Try!

Enveloped by the sweetest scent of pomegranate with passion fruit and orange, the faintest drift of earl grey aroma, add on homemade pineapple jam.
RM15.80 - RM18.95
(Grapefruit Jasmine Tea) The time of your life gets a whole lot better with the combined harmony of freshly cut grapefruit and aromatic green tea, as refreshing as it can get with a final squeeze of fresh plum to complete the masterpiece
RM14.75 - RM18.95
(Lime Lemon Jasmie Tea) Steeped in rich flavours of lemon and green lemon, this Double Shot lends a relaxing, frosty note to a scorching hot day.
RM13.65 - RM16.85
(Strawberry) Fresh plump strawberries blended with crushed ice to create a thick fruity puree, giving of luscious fruity notes. The drink of paradise is then covered with rich creamy cheese foam, its distinctive flavours are what you will die for!
Must Try!

Natural mango pulp blended with a splash of fresh milk until it is stretched silky smooth that commands a sweet fruity flavour. Its tropical flavour stands out from the rest, even in a vast sea of people. 
(Honey Lemon) Made by pure honey lemon, Honey Baby contains layers of texture that includes grass jelly, aloe vera and chia seeds that ranks among Shake & Bake's the most surprising and pleasing discoveries.
Must Try!

A divine excellence for avocado lovers. Served with the perfect blend of 100% well-ripened avocado and fresh milk, it is the most nutritious and flavourful avocado drink you can ever find!
100% fresh strawberries and a little crushed ice to make up the most toothsome strawberry macchiato ever. If chocolate isn’t your go-to, then this punch of strawberry flavour definitely won’t disappoint you!