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Gold, favourite thing of all during Chinese New Year. This year around, we would like to give you some ‘gold ingots’ and wish you a prosperous year ahead! This Salted Golden Lava Bun is the first lava bun we have made available.

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Ingredients: U.S. imported Tiramisu Mascarpone Cheese Mousse, Chocolate Chiffon, Lady Finger, Espresso  
Ingredients: Taiwan imported Mix Fruit, Vanilla Fresh Cream, Vanilla Chiffon, Almond Crumb  
Ingredients: White Chocolate Cheese Mousse, Belgium imported Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate moist Cake, Chocolate Crunchy  
Ingredients: Melaka Brown Sugar, Coconut Shreds, Pandan, Almond Slice

(Mix Fruit) “Love Me Do” is enough to describe how gorgeous this drink is. The fragrance of green tea brings out the fragrance of lemon, natural and fresh. Watermelon, grapes, passion fruit and orange are added into the drink. The sweetness of the fruits and the fragrance of the tea create a wonderful balance.
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Highly recommended to serve it hot, The Sea Latte is brewed with the mix of flavourful syrup and a generous sprinkle of sea salt. Bittersweet coffee that comes with a subtle hint of saltiness, what’s more you need to resist this heavenly flavour?
Ingredients: Pandan Paste, Coconut Paste, Coconut Milk