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Enveloped by the sweetest scent of pomegranate with passion fruit and orange, the faintest drift of earl grey aroma, add on homemade pineapple jam.

(Mix Fruit) “Love Me Do” is enough to describe how gorgeous this drink is. The fragrance of green tea brings out the fragrance of lemon, natural and fresh. Watermelon, grapes, passion fruit and orange are added into the drink. The sweetness of the fruits and the fragrance of the tea create a wonderful balance.
Take in the malt-like caramel flavour like no other with this savoury Caramel Latte Frappuccino. Caramel drizzle on top of iced espresso is all you need for Monday blues.
A rich espresso shot diluted with hot water to create intense, deep coffee notes that are subtly floral - the prime choice among the coffee aficionados.
The scent of Earl Grey and Bergamot is intertwined with delicate fragrance, suitable to relieve greasiness. 
(Grapefruit Jasmine Tea) The time of your life gets a whole lot better with the combined harmony of freshly cut grapefruit and aromatic green tea, as refreshing as it can get with a final squeeze of fresh plum to complete the masterpiece
An Italian coffee that is made up of a single espresso shot melded with equal parts of steamed and frothed milk. Best served when the milk foam still lies atop the coffee!

When you sip the wonderful concoction that is known as the Caramel Macchiato. Made with full-bodied espresso with vanilla-flavoured syrup, topped with beautiful flower petals, this drink is so smooth and beautiful.
The scent of jasmine is as though the aroma of spring, proudly standing atop the hill of tea variants, making everyone falls in love with its refreshing note. 
(Lime Lemon Jasmie Tea) Steeped in rich flavours of lemon and green lemon, this Double Shot lends a relaxing, frosty note to a scorching hot day.
Must Try!

A refreshing frappuccino that is highly revered by the coffee evangelists, tantalizing mint coupled with sweet chocolate and ice cubes to present a bittersweet flavour that is perfect for summertime
Perfect balance of a good punch of espresso, steamed milk and chocolate, exuding subtle sweetness, making it the ideal drink for both avid lovers of all things caffeine and those who are not as fond of it.
Must Try!

Highly recommended to serve it hot, The Sea Latte is brewed with the mix of flavourful syrup and a generous sprinkle of sea salt. Bittersweet coffee that comes with a subtle hint of saltiness, what’s more you need to resist this heavenly flavour?
Must try!

Tapioca pearls generously dunked in caramelized brown sugar syrup, instantly married with Honeyioca Milk that has a malty deep honey flavour. Every sip and chew make you crave more, our ever-popular choice of the list!
Must Try!

Natural mango pulp blended with a splash of fresh milk until it is stretched silky smooth that commands a sweet fruity flavour. Its tropical flavour stands out from the rest, even in a vast sea of people. 
(Honey Lemon) Made by pure honey lemon, Honey Baby contains layers of texture that includes grass jelly, aloe vera and chia seeds that ranks among Shake & Bake's the most surprising and pleasing discoveries.
Classic Latte, a creamy coffee that is made up of the combination of dark espresso and steamed milk, then topped with a light layer of frothed foam.
Must Try!

A divine excellence for avocado lovers. Served with the perfect blend of 100% well-ripened avocado and fresh milk, it is the most nutritious and flavourful avocado drink you can ever find!
Buttery white chocolate whipped with steamed milk and several cubes of ice, a perfect alternative for full-on chocolate junkies.
Nestled within the heart of sweet coffee recipes, Caramel Latte is crafted with the flawless combination of steamed milk, caramel and espresso, especially tailored for those sweet-toothed.
Combines the richness of premium black tea with the succulent sweetness of ripe peaches, creating a regal and refreshing beverage!
A burst of citrusy goodness harmoniously blended with the classic fizz of Coke. Cool, crisp, and utterly satisfying!
A tantalizing blend of zesty grapefruit and succulent plum, sparkling to perfection. Quench your thirst with this vibrant and fruity delight!