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Our Baby Full Moon Gift Box is here to celebrate this precious moment with you!

Inside, you'll find:

  • 🎁 Modern Design
  • 🍼 5 Delightful Items/Foods
  • 💌 Personalized Greeting Cards (Baby & Parents' Names)
Delight in the velvety coconut base adorned with our chewy taro balls perfectly match in our Classic Coconut Taro Ball Snowflake Ice!
Our Nutella Cocoa Coconut Snowflake Ice, where the rich hazelnut goodness of Nutella meets the velvety smoothness of cocoa! Choco lover MUST try!
Popular and comforting choice in Malaysian cuisine! The curry is typically infused with a blend of spices, coconut milk, and herbs, creating a creamy and savory base.
Ingredients: SNB Curry Filling, Desicated Coconut, Cheddar Cheese
Ingredients: Chessar Cheese, Coarse Sugar
Ingredients: Chicken Floss, Homemade Mayonaise
Ingredients: SNB Salted Egg Filling, Homeade Mayonaise, Chicken Floss